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What is Plumpy'Nut? Potentially the end of hunger and malnutrition.

What is Plumpy'nutCould a product as silly sounding as Plumpy'Nut be the solution to ending world hunger and malnutrition? Several agencies that monitor world hunger seem to think it might.
Plumpy'Nut is a ready to use therapeutic food that rushes calories and nutrients into the systems of those suffering from extreme malnutrition – 500 calories to be exact.
What is Plumpy'Nut? It's a combination of peanut paste, powdered milk, vegetable fat and sugar that is enriched with vitamins and minerals. It requires no cooking and has a shelf life of about 2 years. A $50 supply of Plumpy'Nut can rehabilitate a severely malnourished child in only six weeks.

Treating Hunger and Malnutrition

Plumpy'Nut was used to treat the more than 3.2 million children tortured with starvation in 2011. It has been shown to be one of the best sources of nourishment for people afflicted with severe acute malnutrition.
Malnourished child with Plumpynut
Another important feature of Plumpy'Nut is its portability, which means aid workers can take the food source to impoverished people in remote areas instead of having to bring the patient to a treatment center.
Plumpy'Nut was created by Nutriset, a company headquartered in Normandy, France. Plumpy'Nut is currently being distributed to fight hunger and malnutrition in sub-Saharan Africa mostly through the PlumpyField Network, a network of locally-based private manufacturers.
Production of Plumpy'Nut is expected to double in the coming year, which is great news to those experiencing extreme undernourishment.
It may not be long before no one has to ask, “What is Plumpy'Nut?” And as Plumpy'Nut grows into a household name, more and more hungry children may receive an opportunity to live a healthy life that didn't exist only a few years ago.
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