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Ending Hunger: The hunger problem is smaller, but far too many people live in chronic hunger

the hungerThere is some good news for those working on ending hunger, but a new report still found that we have a ways to go to end the hunger problem and relieve chronic hunger.
The report, published earlier this month by the United Nations, found that efforts to end hunger are having an effect despite the fact that one in eight people world wide still live with chronic hunger.
According to the report, approximately 842 million people are food insecure, not getting enough food on a daily basis to lead healthy lives. While that number is huge, it actually represents a drop of more than 25 million from the previous report.
The hunger problem is most noticeable in developing countries. The Sub-Sahara region of Africa is the worst, with nearly one in four people living with food insecurity.
However, nearly 16 million people living in developed countries are still dealing with chronic hunger. Even though ending hunger efforts in the developed countries are having an affect, that still seems like a ridiculously high number considering the food surpluses that exist in most of those countries.
The hunger eradication efforts are enjoying the most success in Asia and Latin America.
The Food and Agriculture Organization, The International Fund for Agricultural Development and the World Food Program authored the report.
Ending hunger is one of the main goals of Care To Click, so while we are encouraged that progress is being made, we also realize there is still plenty of work to do to alleviate the hunger problem.
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