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Communal Refrigerator: A simple idea to conserve food with potential to help feed the hungry

community fridge spainA new communal refrigerator in Spain is helping to limit the amount of wasted food in the community and could play a role in reducing area hunger.
Residents of the town of Galdakao installed the communal refrigerator in an effort to give people the option of giving away food they might ordinarily throw away.
According to the The Guardian, anyone from the community (including restaurants and stores) can bring perishable food they were planning to throw away (except for meat, poultry and fish) and place it in what is being called the “solidarity fridge.” At that point anyone else in the community can grab that food and take it home.
Food can't be past its expiration date and if the food was prepared at home, the date must accompany the food. There is a group assigned to check the refrigerator to ensure food doesn't stay past its prime. Unlike many home refrigerators, that hasn't been a problem. So far all the food placed in the refrigerator has found a new home by the end of the night.
Anyone can use the food from the refrigerator. There is no need to register, nor is there a requirement to show need.
While the project only aims to reduce the amount of food that is wasted each day ┬ľ a noble purpose in and of itself ┬ľ if the communal refrigerator idea proves successful, it could also be a useful way to distribute food to the hungry.
If nothing else, the communal refrigerator appears to have members of the community thinking about ways to help feed others ┬ľ which has to be considered a positive outcome.
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