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Bugs For Lunch: Are insects the solution to the hunger problem?

cricketsCould eating bugs for lunch be the solution to the urban hunger problem? More and more groups and even some businesses are beginning to examine the possibilities.
The idea may not sound appetizing to most Americans, but billions of people all over the world already eat caterpillars, crickets and beetles on a regular basis.
So many people, in fact, consume insects that a recent United Nations report went so far as to suggest farming and eating insects could play a major role in food security in the coming years. They also note that insects are a low-caloric source of high protein so they can help keep a population healthy – but that is a topic for another blog.
Businesses are taking notice. Consider the business plan of Boston-based Six Foods. The company intends to make a line of products where the main ingredient is crickets – which they say 80 percent of countries already consider food.
Their first product is called Chirps – which is essentially a chip made from crickets ground into a flour.
Six Foods gets their crickets from Big Cricket Farms, which is believed to be the first American farm totally devoted to breeding crickets.
Want to know more about insects as a possible food source? A group of Canadians from McGill University have created an organization called Insects Feed The World. On its website readers will find all kinds of insect-food related stories and even some recipes for those considering eating bugs for lunch.
The five students behind the Insects Feed The World site have launched the Aspire Food Group aimed at popularizing crickets as a low cost, readily available food source for urban areas.
We're not asking Care To Click members to immediately start eating crickets, but we want everyone to be aware of what could be a coming food trend that could also help end food scarcity. Check out Insects Feed The World. The info there may prompt some to pre-order some Chirps from Six Foods.
Also, don't forget to visit the Care To Click Hunger page, where visitors and members can donate a free click or print useful coupons. At CareToClick.com, your small actions prompt our donations to organizations helping to end world hunger.
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