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fight world hunger

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Communal Refrigerator: A simple idea to conserve food with potential to help feed the hungry

A new communal refrigerator in Spain is helping to limit the amount of wasted food in the community and could play a role reducing area hunger.

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Fighting Hunger: Michel Lescanne, creator of Plumpy'Nut nutritional supplement, finalist for prestigious European Inventor Award

It appears as though we are not the only ones who appreciate the value Plumpy'Nut. The European Patent Office believes the high-nutrient food is making a valuable impact on food scarcity, which is why the creator of Plumpy-nut, Michel Lescanne, is one of the finalists for the 2015 European Inventor Award.

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Bugs For Lunch: Are insects the solution to the hunger problem?

Could eating bugs for lunch be the solution to the urban hunger problem? More and more groups and even some businesses are beginning to examine the possibilities.

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Every Cork Counts: Drinking wine can help feed the hungry

Scientists have shown that wine offers health benefits for those who drink it. Now those who drink it can help improve the health of others thanks to the Ever Cork Counts program.

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Waino's World: Adam Wainwright's fantasy football challenge to get bigger and better

Waino's World, like the universe in which it resides, is expanding - which is great news for fantasy football fans and even better news for those lacking food, water or shelter.

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Feed the Hungry: No Kid Hungry to benefit from Fresh Market's grocery bag design contest

The Fresh Market and No Kid Hungry have combined forces in a program that will allow children to show off their artistic abilities while helping to feed the hungry.

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Ending Hunger: The hunger problem is smaller, but far too many people live in chronic hunger

There is some good news for those working on ending hunger, but a new report still found that we have a ways to go to end the hunger problem and relieve chronic hunger.

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Football season: Packers score a TD, help the hunger problem

With the NFL football season ready to begin this week, fans across the country who want to help end the hunger problem in America can feel free to frequently hope for a Green Bay Packers score.

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Hunger: School lunch program helps, but teachers still see a hungry girl or boy way to often

Hunger continues to be a problem among American students, as evidenced by a recent study commissioned by No Kid Hungry which found that 75 percent of teachers see a hungry girl or boy in school prior to the student's ability to eat a school lunch.

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Fantasy Football: Baseball players create league to benefit hunger organization

In what will undoubtedly be one of the more fun ways to help fight hunger, a group of baseball players led by St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright are selling off spots in their fantasy football leagues for the benefit of charity.

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