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World Ocean's Day: Google street view gets wet - and it's awesome

Google underwater viewToday is World Oceans Day, and Google has done something pretty cool in celebration.
For years Google has been mapping the earth, even going so far as to offer its street view showing what it looks like to stand at particular intersections. On Monday Google got wet – and that's great for all of us.
Google launched its underwater street view – and it's pretty awesome. Google sent photographers and videographers to some of the most beautiful coral reefs around the globe. With their addition to street view, nature lovers can dive and navigate their way around the reefs without leaving their desks.
Be careful with these underwater streets. You might lose yourself in them. (This blog, for instance, would have been posted a couple of hours ago except a certain writer couldn't stop exploring.)
The United Nations chose June 8, 2009 as the first World Oceans Day. As they write on their World Oceans Day site:
The ocean is the heart of our planet. Like your heart pumping blood to every part of your body, the ocean connects people across the Earth, no matter where we live. The ocean regulates the climate, feeds millions of people every year, produces oxygen, is the home to an incredible array of wildlife, provides us with important medicines, and so much more! In order to ensure the health and safety of our communities and future generations, it’s imperative that we take the responsibility to care for the ocean as it cares for us.
What can you do to help celebrate World Oceans Day? We reached out to The Ocean Foundation for some advice. Their tweeted tips are below.

  • Make sure you know where your seafood comes from. Buy local seafood from local sources. Support your community!

  •  #WorldOceansDay to start thinking about the carbon you produce. Reduce what you can and offset the rest!

  • #WorldOceanDay the day you pick up a reusable water bottle and rid your life of #plastic bottles.

  • Help with local clean up! Even if you're not near a beach, trash from rivers can make it to the sea.

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