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Love Your Mother: Simple Earth Day actions to help the planet

Simple Earth Day ActionsWednesday, April 22 is Earth Day and as the day approaches we've had more than one person ask about some simple Earth Day actions they could take to make the world a little bit better.
Big changes can start with small actions. With that in mind, here is our list of 11 Simple Earth Day Actions that will help the planet and are easy to do.
1. Don't Drive: Most mid-sized cities now offer public transportation. Maybe this is the day you try it. Or perhaps carpool with a friend, or take out that bicycle you got for Christmas but has been sitting in the garage waiting for warmer weather. If giving up your car for a day isn't possible, use Earth Day as a reminder to make sure your tires are properly inflated, thereby saving gas.
2. Unplug: Maybe Wednesday is the day you go without television or internet. Perhaps the stereo that plays in the background while you work doesn't need to be turned on. It might be a good day to read a book. You'll increase your knowledge while curtailing your carbon footprint.
3. Buy Reusable Stuff: Think about all the items you throw away after one use. Is there a more environmentally friendly replacement for that product? We've all seen reusable grocery bags. If you have kids, you've probably seen those really cute reusable sandwich bags. Do you use a Keurig? Try a reusable k-cup. There are more possibilities than you may think.
4. Plant Something: It's somewhat of a tradition to plant a tree on Earth Day. That might not be feasible for everyone. How about planting flowers? Or even better, maybe an herb garden? It will look nice and your food will taste better!
5. Try Some Green Products: Finding environmentally-friendly products is easier than ever. Most major stores offer green products and some even provide a green department. Environmentally-friendly light bulbs have been around for years, but not everyone has made the transition. Some batteries are made from recycled batteries. It won't take long to find something green.
6. Think Locally: You know that farmer's market you drive by all the time but never seem to enter? Stop in and see what they have to offer. Buying locally helps the environment by limiting the amount of fuel used to transport goods. As an added benefit, most locally grown fruits and vegetables are fresher, which generally translates into better flavor.
7. Clean Appliances: Well maintained appliances use less energy, so cleaning the coils on a refrigerator or air conditioning unit makes them more energy efficient. Also, cleaning the insides of ovens and microwaves helps ensure a more even cooking temperature, which is also more efficient.
8. Open the Windows: Most of the Care to Click team lives in Florida. South Florida. In fact, we're just 15 minutes from a giant swamp known as the Florida Everglades. What I'm saying is, it gets really hot and humid here. Still, in the evening it's usually mild enough to shut off the AC and use a ceiling fan in whatever room we're in. Why not give it a try for Earth Day?
9. Double Check Documents: How many times have you printed a five-page document only to find a typo in the headline or misaligned columns? Make use of the print preview button to ensure the page will look the way you want it to and re-read the document one more time on the computer before printing.
10. Try a Clothesline: If you have a backyard, try drying your laundry on a line. According to the Consumer Energy Center, your dryer is "one of the most expensive home appliances to operate, using approximately 6 percent of a home's total electricity usage." And line drying, provided it's not raining, does a better job of giving your clothes a fresh smell than any detergent can.
11. Pick Up Litter: This is as simple as it sounds – and it's something you can do with kids to get them involved and thinking about the environment. Simply walk around your neighborhood or local park and pick up trash. You'll beautify an area important to you and teach kids too. But please be sure to wear work gloves and DON'T use your hands to pick up broken glass or other sharp objects!
And here's a bonus. Earth Day is a great day to introduce a friend or two to Care To Click. Show them how they can visit the Care To Click Environment page to donate a free click, tweet or Facebook post. Or show them some of the great products like recycled colored copier paper, a Samsung energy efficient freezer or gardening tools available in the Care To Click Shopping Mall.
As always, your small actions prompt donations from CareToClick.com to organizations working to protect our environment.
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