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Night Sky Time Lapse: Video shows the beauty of outer space

milky way time lapse
Anyone who has ever seen a night sky time lapse video knows it can be one of the greatest combinations of technology and photography.
As kids we all laid down on the ground and gazed at the night sky. No matter how long we looked up, though, nothing ever seemed to move. That's not the case in night sky time lapse videos, which show how much movement there is in the night sky.
In Arrow of Time: Milky Way Time Lapse Collection, Harley Grady creates a time lapse of the night sky using more than 20,000 single images taken over the course of three years. The result is magical, reminding us how beautiful the night sky can be.

Sometimes looking to outer space can prompt us to re-focus our own energy toward preserving Earth's environment. One way to help is to visit the Care To Click Environment page on a daily basis to donate a free click, tweet and Facebook post. There's also a page where you can print useful coupons for everyday products. At CareToClick.com your small actions prompt our donations to groups working to protect the environment.
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