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Flying bicycle video: Bicycling could take a large leap toward a clean environment

People who have taken up bicycling to help keep a clean environment may have an interesting decision to make in the not-to-distant future now that a European group has created a flying bicycle.

As you can see from the video of the flying bicycle, the project holds promise.
The Czech groups have come together to create the flying bicycle prototype, which weighs about 190 pounds and can fly with a 160-pound person riding it. Or a least that's what the group believes.
Look closely at the flying bicycle video and you'll notice that a dummy (fake person, not an Flying Bicycleidiot) is seated on the craft, which is being controlled remotely. Unlike true bicycling, pedal power isn't operating the flying bicycle, most likely because dummies can't pedal (There's no yellow book for that).
The fans which give the bicycle its lift in the flying bicycle video are being powered by a 50 Ah battery. That doesn't exactly create a 100 percent clean environment, but it's certainly better than automobile emissions.
The idea is that the flying bicycle will eventually fly via some human power, giving a bit more of a traditional bicycling feel.
The flying bicycle creators claim their invention can remain airborne for about six minutes. The goal is to make it possible to remain in the air for up to an hour.
How close is the flying bicycle to hitting the market? We really have no idea, but it doesn't look close. Basically, we wanted to show you the flying bicycle video because it's pretty cool – though we are not exactly standing in line to be the first to ride the crazy contraption.
We do, however, see the potential clean environment virtue the flying bicycle could bring, and we're sure that bicycling enthusiasts everywhere are at least intrigued by its prospects.
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