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Fall Foliage Video: Enjoy nature's paint brush

fall foliage video
A Fall foliage video can transport people to specific times and places in their lives. They can also start arguments about which area of the country offers the best fall foliage viewing.
Certainly the Rocky Mountains have some of the best views in the nation, regardless of the season. The southern Appalachian Mountains, particularly in North Carolina, add to the fall football feel.
The video below, however, contains classic images taken in New England. It features maple leaves, covered wooden bridges and lush multicolored forests. The video's creator doesn't provide specifics as to where the shots originated, which almost makes it better – allowing the viewer to focus on the beauty without getting bogged down in details.
Take five minutes to view the video. It's worth your while.

Fall foliage videos like this one remind us how beautiful our environment truly is. Do your part to help protect the environment by visiting the Care To Click Environment page daily to donate a free click, tweet and Facebook post. You can even print useful coupons for everyday products. At CareToClick.com your small actions prompt our donations to organizations helping to protect the environment.
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