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Cyber Monday: AeroGarden among top environmentally friendly gifts

cyber mondayWith Cyber Monday upon us, those searching for an environmentally friendly gift should take a look at the AeroGarden, which allows people to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers without fertilizer or pesticides.
The AeroGarden is specifically designed hold special seed pods, which are submerged in water circulated with extra oxygen. The pods seem to produce plants that grow quicker than they would normally, and they can be grown indoors.
Cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, green beans, and chili peppers are among the vegetables that grow in the AeroGarden. There are also pods for different herb groups, including Italian herbs, gourmet herbs and south of the border herbs.
It's a tasty gift and because we've reached Cyber Monday, the AeroGarden is available as part of this Cyber Monday sale.
Purchase the AeroGarden on Cyber Monday and some lucky friend or family member will receive the gift that literally keeps on giving.
The vegetable pods take about eight weeks to grow. Once mature, they can provide a harvest for four to six months.
The AeroGarden is also eco friendly. It uses about the same amount of electricity as a 60 watt light bulb. The unit itself is made from recyclable material, and users don't need to use gasoline to go to the market to purchase their produce.
There is actually an AeroGarden in the Care To Click office and it produces wonderfully. As egreen gifts go, this one is a winner.
Care To Click enjoys highlighting products that have a positive effect on the environment. If protecting the earth is important to you, be sure to visit the Care To Click Environment page to donate a free click or print useful coupons. At CareToClick.com, your small actions prompt our donations to environmentally friendly causes.
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