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Air HES: Project to generate green energy and help solve water scarcity

Protecting the environment by creating green energy and solving the world's water scarcity issues are two of the important challenges facing our world right now, so any project that aids one of those causes is well worth consideration.

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NASCAR Green: Racing to protect the environment

At first glance auto racing may seem like one of the last sports one would look to for environmental consciousness but, believe it or not, the NASCAR Green program could teach other businesses a thing or two about protecting the environment.

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Lionfish hunting: Environmentalists trying to stop invasive species

Pollution and overly aggressive agricultural pursuits are some of the leading causes of environmental destruction but sometimes, like in the case of the Lionfish, living species can do a similar amount of damage to an ecosystem.

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Earth Day 2014: Celebrate with NASA at a train station

Spring has finally (finally!!!) sprung across the nation, doing so right in time for Earth Day 2014.

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Cyber Monday: AeroGarden among top environmentally friendly gifts

With Cyber Monday upon us, those searching for an environmentally friendly gift should take a look at the AeroGarden, which allows people to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers without fertilizer or pesticides.

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Environmental Health: Living Lands and Waters working to clean up water pollution one old tire at a time

For those unfamiliar with Living Lands and Waters, it's worth taking a moment to learn about this relatively young organization fighting river pollution and working to restore environmental health of our nation's waterways.

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Environmentally Friendly: Rjukan, Norway using mirrors to redirect sunlight to light town square

The Norwegian village of Rjukan has found an environmentally friendly way to bring sunlight to its town square.

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Flying bicycle video: Bicycling could take a large leap toward a clean environment

People who have taken up bicycling to help keep a clean environment may have an interesting decision to make in the not-to-distant future now that a European group has created a flying bicycle.

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Deep Ocean: Pollution similar to that found in Pacific Ocean garbage patch sinking to the bottom

Most people who are interested in preserving the environment are fully aware of the Pacific Ocean garbage patch, but now a new study has found that some of the same pollutants are finding their way to the bottom of deep ocean patches.

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The Beach: Best beaches in the U. S. showcase a beautiful environment

With the Memorial Day weekend upon us, many Americans will be enjoying the environment by heading to the beach – which begs the question: What are the best beaches in the U. S.?

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