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Can Compounding Like Buffett Save More People?

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Lionfish and Free Lobster: Florida commission considering a proposal to reward lionfish hunters with lobster

Could giving Floridians a free lobster be the key to eradicating the invasive lionfish? Some at the Sunshine State's Fish and Wildlife Commission think it could, at the very least, be a good start.

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World Ocean's Day: Google street view gets wet - and it's awesome

Today is World Oceans Day, and Google has done something pretty cool in celebration. For years Google has been mapping the earth, even going so far as to offer its street view showing what it looks like to stand at particular intersections. On Monday Google got wet – and that's great for all of us.

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Poop Powered: Bus powered by cow manure tries to set speed record

“Cow manure” and “speed record” aren't two terms commonly connected – unless you are a bus company in England that wants to show that your poop-powered bus is going places, fast.

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Love Your Mother: Simple Earth Day actions to help the planet

Wednesday, April 22 is Earth Day and as the day approached we heard more than one person ask about some simple Earth Day actions that they could take to make the world a little bit better.

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Corpse Flower Video: Watch the rare bloom in time lapse

The corpse flower bloom is one of the rarest in nature, which is what makes this giant corpse flower video worth watching.

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Fall Foliage Video: Enjoy nature's paint brush

A Fall foliage video can transport people to specific times and places in their lives. They can also start arguments about which area of the country offers the best fall foliage viewing.

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Night Sky Time Lapse: Video shows the beauty of outer space

Anyone who has ever seen a night sky time lapse video knows it can be one of the greatest combinations of technology photography.

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Landscape Time Lapse: Videos show the beauty of our environment

Landscape time lapse videos, when done well, can show a side of nature that most of us don't have time to witness first hand. Long periods of time are condensed into short clips, reminding us of the inherent beauty of our earth.

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Clean Beaches: International Coastal Cleanup by Ocean Conservancy looking to collect millions of pounds of garbage

Last year volunteers collected more than 12 million pounds of trash. Cigarette butts were the top item collected last season, with common picnic goods right behind them.

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